Terms And Policy

Proofreading and Editing service Provider

Who Are We?

We are team of writers who provide our services with extreme responsibility and dedication. We don’t use bots and automatic system for working and submission; instead we give personal coaching to all our clients.

Why We Collect Personal Data?

We collect personal information such as name, email, telephone etc to keep the communication highly confidential. A personal document editing service require highly personalized communication and delivery. We deliver the work to personal email only and once delivered, we confirm through email about the delivery to ensure the document is in safe hands and delivered in a private manner.

We know how important and confidential is to get emails and telephone of an individual but our company policy is to keep this information secret and never share to anyone. Once anyone deals with us, he automatically enters to a non-disclosure agreement which all our editors and writers follow.

Do We Share Your Information With Anyone?

Not exactly! We keep the data to a specific database where no one can access your personal information. Our writers and editors sends emails and deliver work to an intermediate database from where your work is delivered to you. Hence, the entire system is encrypted.

Your Rights Over Document We Create

We work for you and get paid. Once you pay for the work and deal is completed, your work is no longer our work and you can use that work in whatever way you want. The copyrights are automatically transferred to you. We neither disclose the data of your document to anyone nor we use it again as sample work or in any other way.

The document we produce is always original and 100% research oriented. So, there is no plagiarism as well. Hence, this original work is completely given to you with all its rights.

The Third Party Involvement

Whoever the third party (if any) will involve from our side in doing your work, we will take full responsibility of confidentiality of the work and personal contact information. There will be no disclosure of data in any way.

Payment Terms

We always take full payment in advance. If the order is based on partial deliveries such as dissertation parts or a long report, there will be milestones which the customer has to pay. In the case, the customer is not able to pay for the first milestone, Swiftcult Group has right to use the work and cancel the deal.

For small and medium orders, a full invoice will be created once the customer will confirm the deal. The customer has to pay full amount in advance. If he will not pay full payment  or will give partial payment, the deal will not get completed and the payment will be refunded right away

In the case the customer is not satisfied with the work, he will have  two option, either take partial refund or ask revision of the work for two times. In the case the customer is not satisfied with original work, we will refund 75% of the payment and rest 25% will be kept by Swiftcult group for fulfilling the expenses on the order.

Once the deal is done and work is started, the customer cannot cancel the order. In the case if he wants to cancel it, he has to pay a 30% cancellation fees that is mandatory to come up with the process expenses

In the case the customer will ask for refund after taking full edited or developed document, we will have right to use the work as sample on our blog, resale it or do whatever we want to do. The customer will have no rights over the document whose refund will be issued.

Working Terms

The customer will not ask for direct contact from the writer in any hidden way. in that case, the writer or editor will be fired from the job and the customer will be penalized heavily.

We do not take any order that does not comply with the rules and regulations of any university I,e. creating a coursework or an assignment. In the case the customer will ask for anything like that, he has to bear the consequences of his act on his own. Swiftcult Group is not involved in any type of rule breaking activity in any way.