How we Work

Proofreading and Editing service Provider

Swiftcult Group Serves Its Customer In An Unique And Exceptional Way


A simple way of working is the best way. A working process is considered awesome if a naïve user can understand it conveniently. Keeping this thing in mind, we have developed a more personal and simplified algorithm of working for our customers. The entire process follows a simple pattern.

If you want to order our services, please follow these steps

  • First, analyze your requirements, what are your needs, what type of paper editing do you want etc
  • If necessary, check our price estimation calculator. It will enable you to understand how much approximately the editing will cost to you.
  • Submit your query through our form. If your work is due in less than 24 hours, contact us through live chat support
  • Once the query is submitted, one of our representative will contact you as soon as possible through email or telephone
  • Once the deal is final, we will issue an invoice through Paypal, the globally accepted payment method.
  • As soon as the payment is received, you will receive notification and personal email from the editor or writer, who will be handling your task.
  • We will deliver the work to you as soon as the deadline will approach.
  • Once delivered and you are satisfied, the entire process will complete.

Hence, the entire system is personalized in order to avoid and mishap. The writers and editors are trained in a way that they will keep your work private since they are under the contract as per our terms and privacy policy.

We give 100% money back guarantee for satisfactory work and plagiarism. Moreover, our writers and editors are trained enough to help you in any topic.